Bradford & District Union of Golf Clubs

Inter Club Foursomes Matchplay Section B

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1st Round
To be played by Sun 4th Jun 2023  
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Quarter Final
To be played by Sun 9th Jul 2023  
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To be played by Sun 13th Aug 2023  
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To be played by Sun 3rd Sep 2023  
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Mark Cook & Rob Hillas (Away) Walkover                                                                                                    
Mark Cook & Rob Hillas (Away)  4&2                                                                           
Ian Holdsworth & Eddie Noon (Away)                                                                           
 Mark Cook & Rob Hillas (Away)                                                  
Peter Davies & Charlie Linfield (Away)  8&6                                                  
Peter Davies & Charlie Linfield (Away)                                                  
James Darcy & Daniel Phillips (Away)                                                   
  Andy Couzens & James Firth (Away)                         
Andy Couzens & James Firth (Away) Walkover                          
Andy Couzens & James Firth (Away)  4&3                         
Daniel Devaney & Tom Wood (Away)                         
 Andy Couzens & James Firth (Away) Walkover                         
Paddy Dempsey & Rob Picton (Away) Walkover                          
Paddy Dempsey & Rob Picton (Away)                          
Toby Harris & Sam Jewell (Away)                           
   Andrew Busfield & Oliver Tasker (Away)
Josh Carlos & Steve Greenwood (Away)   
Andrew Busfield & Oliver Tasker (Away)  4&3  
Andrew Busfield & Oliver Tasker (Away)  3&2  
 Andrew Busfield & Oliver Tasker (Away)  2&1 
Alex Mawson & Will Mawson (Away)  5&3 
Alex Mawson & Will Mawson (Away) 
Steven Chimes & Geoffrey Shrimpton (Away)  
  Andrew Busfield & Oliver Tasker (Away)  4&3 
Chris Hargreaves & Mat Roche (Away)  3&2   
Chris Hargreaves & Mat Roche (Away)  3&2  
Andrew Noctor & Jeff Orton (Away)  
 Chris Hargreaves & Mat Roche (Away)  
Jimmy Cowgill & Kieran Murphy (Away)  5&4   
Jimmy Cowgill & Kieran Murphy (Away)   
Terry Brushwood & Robert Rowntree (Away)    

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